Science and Technology Competition Results

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Jun 282018

The finals of this year’s competition were held today and it was as close and tense as the heats predicted. As well as a winner of the overall competition, there were also certificates for the Most Ingenious Design and Most Artistic Entry. This year’s winner not only achieved the most points but also picked up the prize for most Most Ingenious design as well – a great achievement, especially for one of our year 3 pupils!

The winner and Most Ingenious Design:

The Most Artistic Design:

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Science and Technology Competition

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Jun 252018

The heats took place today in this year’s Science and Technology Competition. We had a grand total of 20 teams entered and some wonderful contraptions on display. The challenge was to launch a ping pong ball across the hall to hit one of the planets. The further away the planet, the more points, with maximum points for Pluto (not a planet but it’s a good target!). 

Thank you to everyone at home who helped the children design and make the models. Good luck to al the teams who got through to Thursday’s final. There were some very ingenious solutions to the challenge, as you can see from the photos:

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Sports Day 2018

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Jun 222018

It was great to see so many parents and friends attending this year’s Sports Day and we were fortunate it was not quite as hot as last year! The children were once again amazing, giving their all for their team and we saw many examples of great sporting attitudes. Saturn were hoping to defend their title from last year and, by a margin of 30 points, they managed it! Well done to all in Saturn for your win and well done to all for competing so well.

Celebrating Saturn’s win:

Click Continue Reading to see all the winners from the race finals, as well as all the photographs from this year.

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Year 6 Sports Festival

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Jun 192018

Well done to all these year 6 children who represented the school so well at a Rushcliffe Sports festival. As you can see by the photo the children really enjoyed the chance to take part and were simply brilliant!

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Year 5 Wollaton Hall Trip

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Jun 182018

As part of Year 5’s Tudor topic they spent the day at Wollaton Hall. As you can see from the photographs they spent the day immersed in Tudor related activities, learning about Tudor kitchens, cooking, calligraphy, dancing and clothes. It was a very enjoyable day and the children really extended their knowledge of this fascinating time in history. Enjoy the pictures:

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Sponsored Walk

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Jun 142018

The entire school spent today on a beautiful walk along the Grantham Canal. It was a sponsored walk in memory of our friend Alex Munn, and the proceeds will be used to create something in school that will give us a permanent reminder of Alex’s time at Robert Miles. It was a fitting event for Alex, full of smiles and laughter and no small amount of work! The year 5 and 6s walked from Redmile to Kinoulton, (a distance of about 11.5 miles) and the year 3 and 4s went from Plungar to Kinoulton (about 7.5 miles). Many of the children had never walked these distances before but they took on the challenge brilliantly. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be out and learning about an important part of our local area’s history.

Here is the entire route:

A huge thank you to all who helped and joined us on the day and for the many who sponsored the children. Check back soon to find out how much was raised and our plans for the money. Here are a few photos from the day:

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Trip to Waterstones

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Jun 112018

18 of our pupils had a treat today buying books for the school library and classrooms. The 10 librarians were responsible for making sure our fiction stock up to date and a great job they did. There was also a representative from each class spending £75 each on books for their own classroom. The children were given a reading challenge a few weeks ago – if the entire school managed to read for 1000 hours in a single week each class was promised £50 to spend on books for their classroom and an extra £10 for every hour read after that. The challenge was met and today was the day the reward was spent for each class! 

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Swim Team Rushcliffe Champions

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May 232018

Well done to our swimming team who were the only team from Rushcliffe to qualify for the County Finals which were held on Monday. The team produced some amazing swims and finished in an excellent 10th place in the County. Well done to them all!

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Year 3 and 4 Boys Football

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May 182018

It was a pleasure to see our boys from Year 3 and 4 play against the boys from Carnarvon Primary School. The weather could not have been better for playing football and the boys treated the spectators to two great games, played in a wonderful spirit and enjoyed by all.

Both games were very close, our Year 3 boys won their game 1-0 and the Carnarvon boys won the Year 4 game 1-0. Honours even! The Year 4 game was particularly special as it was the inaugural game for the Bingham Interschool Alex Munn Cup. This cup was donated by Bingham Town, in memory of Alex, and will be presented to the winners of the Year 4 game between the two schools in Bingham every year from now on.

Our Year 3 team:

The Year 4 boys from RMJS and Carnarvon:

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