Mar 062018

The whole school took part in a brilliant fitness challenge today – the Space to Earth Challenge. The day was run by members of the Triathlon Trust and inspired by astronaut Tim Peake’s fitness regime and experiences on the Space Station.

The challenge was to see if the whole school could run and cycle the distance from Earth to the Cryosat Satellite that is currently orbiting the Earth – a total of 715km. Each year group had a full session where they had to cycle for two minutes and then run for two minutes as many times as they could in their slot. At the end of the day the scores were totalled up and the organisers let us know if we had made the distance.

Here are some photos from the day:

The organisers also picked two children from each year group who showed themselvesto be wonderful role models with their effort and attitude to the task:

When the day was finished we had a special assembly to find out if we made the distance. Here are the results from each year group’s run and cycle:

We did it! We managed a grand total of 1311 kms! Well done to all the children and many thanks to the Triathlon Trust for organising the day for us. 

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