Apr 012018

The whole school were recently set a Reading Challenge by Mrs Melhuish, our English leader. The children had to read as much as they could for an entire week and if they managed to reach 1,000 hours in total then Mr Gilbey promised each class £50 to spend on new books for each classroom, and £10 per class for each 100 hours over! It was great to see how children responded – everyone read a bit more than usual, those who already read loads and those who were reminded just how wonderful it is to get lost in a book.

When the week finished, the totals were handed in from each child and class and the numbers crunched. The total was… wait for it… 1,254 hours and 5 minutes! This then means that each class has a grand total of £75 to refresh their classroom reading stock. Well done to everyone and thanks for all the support from home.

Finally – don’t stop reading! The challenge was a fun way to get children reading more and hopefully encourage more reading in future.

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