May 182018

It was a pleasure to see our boys from Year 3 and 4 play against the boys from Carnarvon Primary School. The weather could not have been better for playing football and the boys treated the spectators to two great games, played in a wonderful spirit and enjoyed by all.

Both games were very close, our Year 3 boys won their game 1-0 and the Carnarvon boys won the Year 4 game 1-0. Honours even! The Year 4 game was particularly special as it was the inaugural game for the Bingham Interschool Alex Munn Cup. This cup was donated by Bingham Town, in memory of Alex, and will be presented to the winners of the Year 4 game between the two schools in Bingham every year from now on.

Our Year 3 team:

The Year 4 boys from RMJS and Carnarvon:

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