Parent Questionnaire 2014


Parents/Carers Questionnaire 2014

I am pleased to be able to present parents/carers with the results of our latest General Questionnaire.

Background Information

An important aspect of planning developments in school is the collection of opinions and ideas from parents/carers. It is also important to be able to measure our success over time and to see if we are getting more effective at meeting parental expectations.  I asked a series of questions back in 2004 with the intention of repeating them at regular intervals to gauge parental opinion. We have used the same questions now every 3 years (we didn’t send them out last year because you had just been asked to record your opinions as part of the Ofsted process.

This is the fourth time we have asked this set of questions and, rather than just print the responses to this year’s, I am reporting them to you alongside previous years to give you a sense of development over time. I have to say both myself, the Governors and the staff were very pleased with the results and the feedback we received.

The results are as follows:

 Note: All results are in percentages.

For the 2014 results, 1% = 1 reply, 3% = 2 replies
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First of all, I would like to thank all parents/carers who took the time to fill in and return the questionnaire. As mentioned on the first page, your views and opinions are crucial. The feedback we get from questionnaires is extremely helpful, both in measuring progress and planning future developments.

As well as finding ways to improve in the short term, we also plan for the long term. Having now asked the same questions four times, we can use the information to give us a very clear idea of the impact of whole school developments.

General positives

It is extremely pleasing for all who work here to see how well our school is supported by so many of our parents. The overwhelmingly positive responses are very welcome, as this means we are meeting your expectations as to how a primary school should educate the children in its care.

We want children to come to a school where they are happy, they work hard, make good progress, behave themselves, feel safe and leave with the necessary independence for the next stage of their education. The responses to questions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 14 indicate that the vast majority of parents feel we are we are successful in providing such a place. We were very happy with the responses back in 2010 and therefore are very pleased with the increases in ‘strongly agrees’ or decreases in ‘disagrees’

Questions 3 and 4 about behaviour and bullying are very important ones. There will always be times where children make the wrong behaviour choices; this is part of growing up. It is our duty to give children the skills to control themselves and make the correct choices in future. Likewise, our work tackling bullying will never be an area where we think our work is done. A single incident is one too many and we will continue to refine our practice and stay vigilant.

I am very pleased with the support shown to the staff, as shown by the answers to 6, 8, 9 and 10. As I say on numerous occasions, I am very fortunate to lead such a talented and happy team.

Areas for improvement

One of the important functions of questionnaires is to identify where we could do better. For example in my response to the last questionnaire I identified questions 7 and 13 as ones where we could do better. I am very pleased that the responses are more positive in these areas this time. Looking at this year’s responses and reading your many helpful suggestions on how we can further improve there are a couple of areas to explore.

Homework is always an issue that divides opinion and again in our questionnaire this time it was the question that had the most disagrees.  I am pleased that the large majority of parents are positive about what we provide. Some parents would like no homework at all for primary aged children, some would want homework every night – this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to get it right for all. I can assure those of you who commented on homework that we have taken account of your views and will be discussing them further.

There were also some comments regarding our extra curricular activities. We had some good suggestions for new non-sport clubs that we will be following up. We also had some comments about who have to miss clubs because we cannot get them across to after school club or you know too late when clubs are running. This is harder to solve. I have already raised this at our a Governors committee meeting and rest assured we will be looking closely next term at how we can help parents.

Thank you to all who provided comments for us, they give us a good insight into how parents feel about the school. All your written comments will be shared and discussed with Governors and staff.

To conclude

It is heartening for us, both from the questionnaire answers and the many positive comments, to know that we receive such support for our work with your children. No organisation as large and complex as a school is ever going to be perfect but I want all parents and carers to know that should problems arise we will try and work with you to find solutions. After all – we all want the same thing, and as one response put it – ‘Happy children, happy parents!’

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