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Robert Miles Junior School

Robert Miles Junior School



At Robert Miles Junior School, we want every child to have the freedom to explore art in a way that is meaningful to them. We will equip them with the skills they need, building upon those learnt in KS1 and preparing them for secondary level study, whilst fostering interest, curiosity and autonomy over their work.

Our art curriculum is constructed around four key elements: Knowledge and Understanding, Making Skills, Generating Ideas and Evaluation. Within each element there is planned progression, so that children’s learning and confidence grows as they progress through the year groups. Through these elements, skills and knowledge are continually built upon through a wide range of projects so that by the end of Year 6, children will have studied a diverse spectrum of artists, styles, movements and themes. These projects, most importantly, promote and support them to develop their own creative identities.  Opportunities in art foster a ‘can-do’ attitude, encourage experimentation and value effort and achievement.      

Through our Art curriculum, children study how diverse and varied art can be as a subject, so that they can form their own carefully considered opinions on the different artists and styles they will study during their time at Robert Miles. As their knowledge of art grows and develops, so will their ability to challenge, question and reflect on their own viewpoints. Therefore, their growing knowledge and skills, as they progress through the school, will help deepen their understanding of the kind of artist they would like to be and the style of art that they enjoy producing.

Our Art curriculum fully covers the expectations of the National Curriculum. It is timetabled in rotation with Design Technology with three focussed art projects completed each academic year. The hands-on nature of exploring a range of different materials and methods supports inclusion of all pupils. Our aim is that all children, regardless of ability and individual need, develop their artistic skills, preferences and individual identity. At RMJS, artwork is valued and celebrated as an expression of individual creativity.  We want our children to be eager and excited artists who can discuss their skills and techniques, celebrate their achievements and share their knowledge of art in the wider world.