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Robert Miles Junior School

Robert Miles Junior School



At RMJS we aim to deliver a high-quality, stimulating and well-planned geography curriculum, which will ignite children’s curiosity about the world around them.  This builds on their KS1 knowledge and deepens their understanding of key human and physical characteristics across a range of diverse people, places and resources in contrasting global locations.  Children develop a secure understanding of physical geographical features such as rivers, mountains, earthquakes and coasts along with their impact on humans and how processes change over time.  Children will increasingly be able to question, challenge and investigate issues from a range of natural and human environments.  We aim that, by the time they leave our school, children will be able to think, discuss and analyse, as a geographer, issues in local, national and global settings.   High-quality teaching, involving a wide range of strategies ensures all children, whatever their individual need, can access learning and develop the skills necessary to be a good geographer. 

By following the National Curriculum, we have identified the most important geographical knowledge our children need to learn and framed it through enquiry-based questions which drive carefully planned, progressive and investigative lessons. These are underpinned by five key elements or geographical lenses: Space and Scale, Physical Environment, Human Environment, Change and Sustainability and Fieldwork and Map Skills.  Each unit contains clear, distinct locational knowledge using maps, revisits previous geographical knowledge and provides a secure foundation for future learning.  The particular elements being taught are shown clearly in Medium Term Plans, along with key vocabulary and subject-specific knowledge.  Mapping Our World in Year 3 gives our children a strong foundation on which to build their Space and Scale locational knowledge. 

Key vocabulary is revisited in different contexts to deepen children’s understanding by applying their knowledge across different geographical environments. Children interpret a range of geographical sources of evidence, gather data, analyse and communicate their findings in a variety of ways.  Unit plans clearly show the key concepts being studied, key knowledge, vocabulary and map and fieldwork opportunities.

At Robert Miles Junior School we aim to capitalise on the wonderful school grounds and immediate, accessible local area in the heart of Bingham.  Map skills and fieldwork are carefully and purposefully interweaved into the geography curriculum, enabling practical investigations and first-hand experiences to enrich learning.  Our children are enthusiastic and proud to share their work, knowledge and understanding, as geographers, of the fascinating human and natural environments, locally and globally.