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Robert Miles Junior School

Robert Miles Junior School



Children at Robert Miles Junior School learn French as their modern foreign language (MFL).  Not only does this equip them with a new set skills, but it also develops their appreciation of another country increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.   Teaching French provides both an important insight into another culture and the transferable language-learning skills required to form a foundation for learning foreign languages at secondary school and beyond. 

The teaching of French enables children to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions in another language along with being able to understand and respond to its speakers, both in verbally and in writing.  Our children are encouraged to speak French, with increasing confidence and fluency, whilst improving the accuracy of their pronunciation.  MFL teaching at RMJS also provides opportunities for children to communicate for practical purposes as well as discovering and developing an appreciation for French rhymes, songs, stories and writing.  Learning about the culture of France also enables our children to develop their awareness of self identity and a respect for diversity.

The key elements of language learning at our school are: Knowledge and Understanding, Phonics, Grammar and the Application of new knowledge/language through listening, speaking, reading and writing.  These are taught through the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work which inspires our children to learn through a broad, progressive and ambitious French curriculum.  By adopting this well-planned, fully resourced curriculum, children’s knowledge and skills develop year on year so they are well-placed to extend their language learning in KS3 and beyond.  Lessons are carefully sequenced with subsequent lessons building on prior knowledge, language and skills acquired. 

At RMJS, we are keen to develop the joy of learning a language and in order for children to take this into the next stage of their education and hopefully inspire them to become life-long language learners.  Our curriculum will equip children with the skills, knowledge and confidence to study and work as adults in a modern, multi-lingual, global society.