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Robert Miles Junior School

Robert Miles Junior School



Our approach to Music is centred around a belief that every child should have access to high quality, practical and engaging musical experiences. We believe it is at the heart of our REACH values and a great connector bringing together cultures and communities. Listening to, appreciating and creating music contributes to overall positive wellbeing. It also creates important opportunities for developing self-confidence, stillness, reflection and relaxation – consistent with the aims of our PSHE/Jigsaw curriculum.

Our music programme covers a broad and diverse range of genres, eras, musical traditions and musicians. ‘Sing Up’ supports a fully-integrated approach to musical development connecting the interrelated strands of singing, playing, performing, composing, improvising, listening, and appraising. Our approach builds on the core principles defining the Infant School Music curriculum –including establishing a love of music, exploring different cultural styles, providing opportunities for children to express themselves musically and the opportunity to explore different instruments.  Knowledge, skills and subject-specific vocabulary is carefully planned, sequenced and progressive so children build their confidence and apply their skills in a range of contexts in a consistent way.  Our Music curriculum is fully inclusive and accessible to all.  A range of teaching and learning strategies are adopted to engage and support individuals, whatever their individual need, to access and develop their understanding of music.

We know that performance is a great tool for developing a love of music and we actively seek opportunities for our children to perform including school productions, community events, joining other school choirs at Christmas, local care home for the elderly, local places of worship as well as larger venues such as Young Voices at the Birmingham NEC. These events are an opportunity for assessment of skills both in singing and instrumental performance. Weekly singing assembly brings the school together to promote listening and performing skills as well as singing as a school community.

Robert Miles children are given the opportunity to develop a specialism through dedicated peripatetic teachers. These teachers offer individualised learning programmes which cover a huge range of instruments including piano, violin, cello, guitar, ukulele, flute, clarinet, saxophone, drums and a range of brass instruments.

To support our children in developing a knowledge and appreciation of the history of music, we have a focus musician for each week - these musicians fall within a specific genre for each term. A slide is shared at all assemblies containing biographical information about each musician and their music is played at the start and end of the assembly.