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Robert Miles Junior School

Robert Miles Junior School

REACH Values

Our ‘Reach’ values are our central beliefs that underpin everything we do. They are designed to be clearly understood and shared by every member of our school community, defining the way we work with each other. The explanations of what our values mean come from the children themselves:


  • Taking care of everything and everyone around us, including ourselves.
  • We also take responsibility for our own actions.


  • We are all equal and therefore should be treated the same.
  • All members of our school are equally as important and should be valued as such.


  • Our school is one where all children’s achievements are celebrated.
  • We deserve to be proud of our achievements in whatever we do.


  • Consideration is thinking of others and treating others how you want to be treated yourself.
  • We look after our school and our school grounds which shows consideration for our own environment.


  • Being truthful with each other is very important in our school.
  • We are honest with ourselves about our strengths and weaknesses.

Posters of our values are displayed around school and are referred to often by every member of staff: