Feb 102018

Our two member sof the Rushcliffe Pupil Parliament (Phoebe and Max from Yr 6) joined children from 20 other schools for this term’s Pupil Parliament. They quizzed the Deputy Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Cllr Debbie Mason on all manner of topics relevant to children’s lives in Rushcliffe. Our two representatives asked questions about anti-social behaviour in Bingham and school places for the children who move into the new houses to be built in Bingham. The Cllr said their questions really made her think. You can find out more about the afternoon by clicking here on the West Bridgford Wire website.

The Rushcliffe learning Alliance Pupil Parliament (RLAPP) was established for our children through being part of the Rushcliffe Learning Alliance (RLA). This exciting project is designed to allow children in our schools to work together and experience democracy for themselves and understand the principals of how parliament works.

Two children from each school sit on the RLAPP. They represent the views of children in their own school at the RLAPP meetings. Each term the agenda is set by children on the RLAPP and shared in all of our schools. The RLAPP meetings are generally held at County Hall in the Council Chambers (this one was held at the new Rushcliffe Arena) and the children get the opportunity to present their views to Local Councillors and make sure that the children of Rushcliffe have an opportunity to have their views heard on issues which are important to them. At each meeting it is established which child takes the role of ‘speaker’.

The representatives from our school feedback and discuss the issues raised at the RLAPP meetings in more depth at our own School Council meetings. All children in our school get the opportunity, when relevant, to vote or express their opinions on things which are being discussed.

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