Mar 282014

Healthy Lifestyles week finishes on Friday 4th April with our sponsored walk. Hopefully your child has been busy collecting sponsors! Every penny raised will go towards purchasing outside play equipment that will be used by all.

Your child does not need to arrive at school early on Friday, but please ensure they are here on time at 9am. Shortly after that the bus will be setting off with the first group. Year 3 and 4 will walk 8 miles, from Plungar to Kinoulton. The bus will bring these children back to school by 3.30pm. Year 5 and 6 will walk 11 miles, from Redmile to Kinoulton. Both walks will finish at Kinoulton Primary School (and have access to toilets). Buses will bring children back to school – year 3 and 4 will be back by 3.30pm as usual, year 5 and 6 will be back by 5.30pm.

We will be walking in small groups along the towpath with a qualified teacher and other staff/helpers with each group. In the event that a child needs to leave the sponsored walk a member of staff will be on hand at school to come and collect them.

Please make sure your child is wearing suitable clothing and footwear for a day’s walking away from shelter. They will also need a small rucksack for carrying their lunch. Walking boots or trainers will be ideal. We shall be watching the weather forecast next week and advise you to do the same so your child is dressed appropriately. If rain is forecast then a waterproof jacket is essential. Likewise if it looks like being a hot, sunny day then please make sure sun cream is applied and a hat worn.

Your child should bring a packed lunch and a litre of water or squash. We will have a member of staff meeting the groups at a halfway point where drink will be topped up if necessary. If you qualify for free school meals then please request a packed lunch from the office if you require one.

We did this same walk four years ago and it was a very enjoyable event and I am sure it will be so again. Thank you for your support!

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Year 4 Viking Day

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Mar 272014

The children of year 4 spent the day on Thursday as Vikings! Two Vikings came to visit for the day and bought lots and lots of things for our own Vikings to do. As well as lots of role play the children were introduced to many different Viking crafts including weaving, pot making, jewellery making and more. The day ended with a Viking war cry and funeral pyre.

This was a great way to end their topic and it was fantastic to see every single member of year 4 dressed as Vikings – many thanks parents for your help getting them ready!

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Mar 212014

A team of year 6 and a team of year 5 boys walked the short distance over r to Carnarvon Primary after school on Friday evening to play some friendly football games.

It was the year 6′s turn first and they played in an even and exciting game. Very few chances at either end meant the half tine score was 0-0. However, Carnarvon took the lead in the second half. As the game neared the end RMJS pushed forward for the equaliser and put Carnarvon under a lot of pressure. However, pushing forward meant less at the back and Carnarvon scored a second on the counter attack. Despite more chances for RMJS it was not to be and the game ended 2-0.

The year 5 boys were on next. They were immediately put under pressure by a skilful Carnarvon side. Despite the boys’  best efforts they could not keep Carnarvon from scoring and we went in at the break 3 goals down. RMJS started the second half very positively and showed they could play skilful passing football themselves. Thomas scored a great goal to pull the score back to 3-1 and for a time it seemed like a come back was on the cards. However, Carnarvon’s got back into the game and scored another 2 before the end to make the final score 5-1.

Despite the losses the boys represented the school very well and put in 100% effort, great to see!

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Mar 112014

The girls team were in action again today, this time in the Rushcliffe Cup Second Round. They played at home to Archbishop Cranmer Primary School from just down the road in Aslockton. The girls were once again in fine form, this time winning a convincing 5 – 0.

Well done to the whole team and a special mention for Grace who was delighted to score a goal on her birthday!

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Mar 102014

Children in our two year 4 classes have been busy researching and making Viking boats as part of their history topics. They also had to think about the science involved because their challenge was to make them not only float but to hold as much weight as possible!

As you can see from the photos the children had really gone to town constructing their models – and had a great deal of fun testing them out in class. Thank you to everyone at home who helped the children with their designs, it is much appreciated. Click on the photo to see the boats.

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Mar 052014

It was an exciting day yesterday in year 3 when other children in the school were invited to come and look at year 3′s very own and very special museum. Over the last few weeks year 3 have been given the task of researching and making an artefact from Ancient Greece.

I am not sure the year 3 teachers quite knew what they would be getting because the artefacts the children bought in were absolutely stunning! Not only were they beautifully made, they were researched as well. The task was aimed at giving the children the opportunity to be curators of their very own museum. As the visitors came round to look at the exhibits they had to answer questions about what part the artefacts played in Ancient Greek life. So many skills were being practised just through this one activity – not only by the curators but the also by the visitors – asking questions is a very important part of learning.

This will be followed up the very next day by a visit to Nottingham Castle Museum to see some REAL artefacts and work alongside some real curators. Photos to come soon…

We have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the adults who helped the children out at home with their work. We hope you very much enjoyed working and learning alongside your child and thought you would like to see all the exhibits. So, click the photo below to enter the Year 3 Museum!


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Mar 042014

We had a change from a normal assembly this morning as Year 5 gave a presentation to parents/carers to showcase what they have been learning about Equality, one of our very important school values. The assembly also served to introduce the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard, something that we are going to measure ourselves against over the next two years.

They began with a short story entitled ‘The Rainbow People’, followed by presentations about famous people who have inspired them during their work with the Nottinghamshire Equality and Achievement team, including the incredible story of Walter Tull. year 5 concluded by explaining why the story of Stephen Lawrence has inspired other schools to ensure the value of Equality is embedded in all they do.

Thank you Year 5 for your assembly and your thoughtful and mature work.

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Feb 272014

The first football game played after the winter break ended in a well deserved 1-0 victory for the Robert Miles girls team in the Reprotec County Cup. The girls really played well and considering the downpour that carried on for much of the match demonstrated lots of skilful attacking football.

Time and time again Robert Miles attacked and would have gone into the break several goals ahead if it had not been for the excellent Stanhope keeper. Eventually all the pressure told and Poppy was able to slot the ball home from close range. Thanks to our solid defence Stanhope were restricted to just a few efforts on goal and Molly was there in goal ready when called upon.

Well done girls and we look forward to the quarter final game!

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Feb 252014


Four children from Year 6 spent their half term holiday preparing entires for this year’s 500 word story writing competition, organised by BBC Radio 2.  After final editing and redrafting they sent the stories away. It is a very difficult task to limit words to 500 and meant that every word choice has to be spot on. This is a very useful writing exercise because it really forces children to think carefully about the words they use. The children’s work was so good we thought they should be shared so here they are. Good luck to our writers!

Ewan’s story

Luka’s story

Maddie’s story

Poppy’s story

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Feb 242014

Our swimming team recently competed in the local Toot Hill swimming gala and were very proud to return with medals and a trophy! After lots of very competitive swimming we finished in third position, narrowly missing out on a place in the regional finals. The children really enjoyed competing and were thrilled with their trophy. Well done to all the members of the team.

2014-02-13 15.12.20

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