Year 3/4 Athletics

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Jan 112017

Well done to the children who competed for the school at last night’s Rushcliffe Indoor athletics competition heats. This was the first time some of the team have represented the school and it was obvious to all there just how much they enjoyed themselves.

Not only did they enjoy competing they finished in a great 2nd place and therefore progress to the Rushcliffe finals. Well done!


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A Little Bit of History

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Jan 062017

Clearing our a cupboard over the holiday we found an old VHS tape titles ‘Bingham’s Children of the Twentieth Century’. We think it it is from 1999 and was funded and made via Nottinghamshire County Council and the National Lottery Millennium Award Scheme. The cover says it was by Catherine Haynes and Hilda Smith. We managed to convert it to digital and thought it would be interesting for the people of Bingham to watch again. 1999 doesn’t seem so long ago to some of us but it is still really interesting to look back and see how things have changed. There is also lots of fascinating glimpses back to schools in Bingham of the past.

I wonder if you recognise anyone!

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Year 6 World War 2 Day

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Dec 162016

Year 6 came to school today dressed as evacuees and spent the day learning what it was like to be a child during World War 2. Thanks to members of Partake Theatre the children had a day of hands on activities including old time dancing, imagining what it was like t be an evacuee and looking at artefacts from the time. The children’s costumes were amazing, as you can see form the photos:

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Year 3 Travel to Bethlehem (almost!)

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Dec 142016

The children from year 3 spent today at Brackenhurst Environmental Centre for a day of Christmas Crafts and Activities. As well as making their own decorations the children got to dress up and act out the Nativity – complete with live animals! The children had a fantastic day and members of staff and public commented on just how wonderfully behaved they were. Enjoy the photos:

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Dec 092016

Over 140 children were involved in this year’s Christmas show, Superstan, and what entertainment they provided for the three sell out evening audiences! The show was, once again, a huge amount of fun to rehearse and perform and judging from the audience reaction the children managed to entertain many people. It was a real pleasure to work with both the year 6 cast and the fantastic choir in preparation for the show – they were an absolute joy to direct and organise! Their enthusiasm was infectious and what the audience may not realise is just how much input the year 6 children themselves put into the play in terms of extra lines, dance moves etc. Children often have the best ideas!

It is the combination of work and fun that make these sorts of show so important to the pattern of a school year. Yes we do these shows to entertain parents and families and yes we do these shows to let the children showcase their talents but they are also hugely important learning opportunities. Children learn the importance of discipline, the importance of teamwork and how sometimes others rely on you; they learn to concentrate, to listen, to keep going when the going is tough; they see how effort brings improvement; they do new things that surprise themselves and help them believe yes – I can do so much when I put my mind to it; and, above all, they learn the rewards of hard work.

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Athletics Finals

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Nov 302016

Our year 5/6 athletics team competed last night in the finals of the Rushcliffe Indoor Athletics competition. The children performed as well as they did in the heats – which was brilliantly! The atmosphere was great and our team were fantastic ambassadors for RMJS. Once the results were in and counted we finished in a wonderful 3rd place. Well done to the whole team!

Here is the team looking smart:


And here they are ‘dabbing’ for some reason…:


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Admissions Policy Consultation

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Nov 172016

Since converting to an academy, the school is responsible for decisions that used to be taken by Nottinghamshire County Council.  As the school is a member of Equals Trust multi-academy trust, some of these decisions are taken collectively to the benefit of all pupils.

All the schools in Equals Trust have decided to review their Admissions policies, with any decisions implemented in time for applications from September 2018.  In order for any decision to be made, we need to consult with parents, carers and any other interested parties.

We have written draft Admissions policies for each school which explain the procedures for admissions to the schools, including the oversubscription criteria in order of priority.  We strongly believe that the criteria listed for each school will help allocate places in a fair, clear and objective way.

If you would like to read the draft Admissions policy for your school, you can download a copy by clicking here..  We welcome and invite you to send comments regarding the draft policy to Alternatively, you may submit written comments to the school office in a sealed envelope, labelled ‘Admissions policy consultation’.

The consultation period will run from Monday, 21 November, 2016, until Monday 16 January, 2017.  After the consultation period is finished, a decision will be made whether to adopt the draft policy or not, and we will inform you of it in due course.

Admissions procedures for the school will still be managed on our behalf by Nottinghamshire County Council and parents will still apply for a school place through their website at

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Young Musician Competition 2017

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Nov 152016

The Rotary Club of Bingham and Radcliffe on Trent is once again running a Young Musician Competition, with the finals to be held in the Spring Term 2017. Musicians from Years 4, 5 and 6 can enter in the categories: brass, piano, strings (including guitar), voice, woodwind (including recorder), drums. Closing dates for entries is 23rd January 2017. The heats take place on 7th February 2017 and the finals are  7th March 2017 all at Candleby Lane School, Cotgrave.

For further information and an entry form please click here.

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