Oct 182016

We arranged a friendly match for girls in year 3 and 4 against Carnarvon Primary last night. It was a most enjoyable game – the first chance all of these girls have ever played a ‘proper’ match. It was clear that they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are keen to play again. Despite the final score being 3-0 to Carnarvon the girls have not been put off and we hope this is the start of lots more football for them!


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Dictionaries for Life

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Oct 172016

Year 6 had a nice surprise last week when they each received the gift of a dictionary from the Rotary Club of the Vale of Belvoir.

The books are part of a project called ‘Dictionaries for Life‘ which gives local children a dictionary to take with them when they leave our school. Mr Michael Morris, from the Rotary Club, presented each child with a dictionary of their own and talked about the importance of working together to help others.

The dictionaries are really useful and of great quality and many thanks must go to the Rotary Club for their generosity.


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Girls Football

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Oct 122016

The girls team played their first full game of the season in the County Cup last night, away at Arnold View Primary School. This was a very exciting game – RMJS went one up in the first half following a powerful free kick from Ruby but the scores were level soon after the break. We kept pushing for the winner and eventually it came –  a wonderful goal from Maddie worthy of winning any game. Final score 2-1 to RMJS and we are through to the next round. Well done to the girls!

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Cross Country Competition

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Oct 062016

Year 5 and 6 boys and girls teams competed in a cross country competition at Rushcliffe Country Park yesterday. The standard of competition was very high and the teams from RMJS did really well. The boys team finished 6th out of 32 teams and the girls finished a brilliant 3rd out of 30 teams. Well done to all the runners – a very enjoyable afternoon.

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Boys Football

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Sep 302016

The boys team travelled to West Bridgford to play their first round game in the Rushcliffe Cup against Lady Bay Primary. It was a brilliant game with loads of attacking football from both sides. The first half finished 4-1 to Lady Bay but our boys fought back into the game to bring the scores level at 4 – 4. There then followed goal after goal until, with five minutes to go RMJS were trailing 7 – 6. The boys tried hard to get the equaliser to take the game to extra time but it was not to be and Lady Bay scored late on to make the final score 8 – 6. It was a great performance from the boys who were unlucky to lose. Well done to the whole team.

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Biathalon Success for RMJS Teams

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Sep 302016

Two teams from RMJS competed in this year’s Rushcliffe Mini-Biathalon yesterday. The competition involved all competitors swimming and running and after all the times had been taken and totalled up the winning teams for both the girls and the boys were the teams from RMJS! The boys were first out of 20 teams and the girls first out of 22 teams. A massive well done to all involved!

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Sorting Hat

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Sep 262016

Our school has four Houses – Jupiter the red house, Neptune the green house, Mercury the yellow house and Saturn the blue house. But how do the children get allocated to the houses? Read on…

Every year about his time, our magic Sorting Hat wakes up from his yearly slumber to talk to the new year 3s. How he knows so much about them is a mystery. One by one they get called to see him and some lucky children even get to wear him or take him for a little walk. After he is finished chatting, he tells each child in turn which House they are going to be in for their four years at Robert Miles.

As to how the magic works? Who knows…

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Football Tournaments

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Sep 252016

The boys and girls teams were in action over the last two weekends, competing in this year’s Rushcliffe schools Saturday morning tournaments. Both teams had a great morning – not quite winning the group to get to the semis but enjoying very competitive football. They lost a couple of games, drew a couple and won a couple, a very encouraging start to the footballing year. Well done to all team members.



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Equals Trust News

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Sep 102016

Equals Trust News

Following the consultation for the school to become an academy we are delighted to tell you that the conversion of the school to an Academy and a founding school in the Equals Trust took place on the 1st September 2016. Working in partnership with the other schools in our Trust will have a number of benefits for both staff and pupils:

  • Extending the learning opportunities and activities for pupils;
  • enriching the curriculum through partnership working and shared resources;
  • enabling the greater sharing of excellent teaching and learning;
  • enhancing the professional development of teaching and support staff;
  • building mutual support and accountability for Head Teachers and Governors; and
  • securing cost and resource efficiencies through joint commissioning.

Over time this will lead to better outcomes and opportunities for children enabled by a stronger teaching and support staff team.

Some immediate benefits we have been working on over the summer include:

  • The employment of a part time speech and language therapist for our schools;
  • a successful application to be part of a regional Maths Hub which will enhance teaching in all the Trust’s schools by enabling teachers to work with maths specialist;
  • a writing project in conjunction with the Nottingham University;
  • the establishment of sporting tournaments across the trust to enable more children to take part in competitions;
  • a joint staff training day in October at the National College of School Leadership;
  • joint procurement for services has already brought financial benefits to the schools;
  • the employment of a Finance Manager for the Trust;

The Trust Board has appointed the CEO of the Trust: Mr Philip Palmer, who is the executive head of Burton Joyce Primary School and Cropwell Bishop Primary School.

I will provide further information about the Trust, the Trust Board, the Local Governing Body and other aspects of our organisation as the year progresses. More information will also be available on this website.

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