Equality Week Display

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Jul 032015

Our new hall display is now up  and it looks wonderful! Every child in the school worked on some aspect of the artwork, directed by local Radcliffe artist Kirsty Platt. We have spent lots of time in school over the last 18 months looking at all aspects of equality as part of the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard and as this project draws to a close we will have a reminder for many years to come of the things we should celebrate.The children were very excited to see their work displayed so effectively. It looks even better from inside the hall! Click on the picture to see the full size photo.


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Jul 032015

Year 6 had a chance to practice their best French and in return received a slap up  breakfast! Croissants, baguettes and pains au chocolat were washed down with drinking chocolate – but only if the children welcomed, ordered and thanked in French. Tres bien!

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Year 4 Conkers Visit

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Jun 292015

It was an exciting day for Year 4 as they travelled to Conkers – the first visit we have had to this great outdoor centre. The children enjoyed their visit with the highlights being the den building and fire making. You can see in the photos how enthusiastic the children were – perhaps because they got the chance to get dirty!

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Science and Technology Competition 2015

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Jun 262015

The end of June is traditionally the time children compete in our annual Science and Technology Competition and this year’s challenge once again led to some wonderful creations making heir way into school from home. The challenge was to design and make a vehicle that could carry an egg across the hall floor and stop as close as possible to the wall at the end.

The entries never fail to surprise us and we can never predict what ideas the children will come up with to meet the challenge. 8 teams made it through to this year’s final and, at the end, there were two models that looked capable of  consistently getting close to the wall. After a tense few rounds this year’s winner was the wonderful Rebilliam III which used gravity as both its driving force and stopping force. Here is the winning entry:

2015-06-26 15.13.23

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End of Season Football

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Jun 192015

Both the boys and girls teams finished the season with our annual match up against Carnarvon Primary. Carnarvon held both the Cups following last year’s game so we were trying hard to bring at least one back for RMJS!

The girls played first and it was a well matched and exciting game with chances at both ends. It was also played in a fantastic spirit – many of the girls from the two schools playing football together for Bingham Town. There were about five minutes to go and it looked like it was heading to extra time and the dreaded penalties when Carnarvon scored the only goal of the match. RMJS pushed hard but alas it was not to be and the game finished 1-0. No girls cup this year!

The boys were up next and knew they had a difficult match ahead because Carnarvon’s team have had a very successful season and had reached the finals of both the County and the Rushcliffe Cup. The form book went out the window as the game started when RMJS opened the scoring with a fantastic team goal. The home support were not expecting that! The strength of the Carnarvon team began to show, despite some lovely football once again from RMJS. As the pressure piled on the goals went in and Carnarvon were leading 4-1 late into the second half. A couple of goals in the last minute meant the game ended 6-1. Our boys could hold their heads high despite the defeat because of the way they played throughout the match and indeed the season. We have had a very skillful side all year but sadly our great play has not led to goals.

Well done to both teams – we may not have come back with the silverware but the tams should be very proud of their efforts.

2015-06-19 11.43.46

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Sports Day 2015

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Jun 172015

It was a fabulous Sports Day this year – a real treat to see all the children compete for the House Sports Day Cup. The afternoon was very well supported by parents and relations and thankfully free of rain.

The afternoon started with every child competing in their teams in a variety of sports and team events. They knew that every point counted towards the final score! The action them moved to the track for the finals of the obstacle race, distance running, sprints and relays. This was our chance to see who were this year’s fastest and the races proved to be as exciting for the spectators as they were for the children taking part!

Once all the races were finished the points were totalled up and the winners were… Jupiter! This was the fourth year in a row Jupiter won the cup, what a winning streak. Come back next year to see if they can carry on winning.

There are over 400 photos from Sports Day – many thanks once again to Shannon Donovan. We were going to pick a selection for the website but there are so many great ones the whole lot are on. The expressions on the children’s faces show just how hard they were trying. We hope you enjoy them:

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Sports Day Winners

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Jun 172015

Well done to all these children who were winners or podium finishers in the finals of this year’s Sports Day:


Year 3 Obstacle Race

DSC_0975Year 4 Obstacle Race


Year 5 Obstacle Race


Year 6 Obstacle Race

DSC_0978Year 3/4 Girls Distance DSC_0979Year 3/4 Boys Distance


Year 5/6 Girls Distance

DSC_0980Year 5/6 Boys Distance


Year 3 Girls Sprint


Year 3 Boys Sprint

DSC_0984Year 4 Girls Sprint DSC_0985Year 4 Boys Sprint


Year 5 Girls Sprint

DSC_0987Year 5 Boys Sprint


Year 6 Girls Sprint


Year 6 Boys Sprint

DSC_0990Year 3 Girls Relay


Year 3 Boys Relay


Year 4 Girls Relay

DSC_0994Year 4 Boys Relay


Year 5 Girls Relay

DSC_0997Year 5 Boys Relay DSC_0998Year 6 Girls Relay


Year 6 Boys Relay

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Archery Competition

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Jun 162015

Our keen group of archers put their training into practice with a shoot against two other schools. The match, hosted at Wellow House School, gave archers from years 3 to 6 the opportunity to compete against children from Wellow House School and St Peter’s East Bridgford. It was a most enjoyable evening for all. There were no prizes for schools but Thomas was pleased to finish as top scoring boy in the shoot. Well done Thomas and well done to the whole team.


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Year Six Wraps

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Jun 142015

It was a tasty task for class 6H as they had to design, make and evaluate their own wrap filling. Which ones would you eat?!

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The World in a Box

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Jun 132015

It may have been raining all day at the Bingham Town Fair but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the children who bought their parents/grandparents/carers into our school hall to see the ‘World in a Box’. This was the culmination of our Equality week and it was great to see so many visitors and have so many positive comments about the work the children put into this project.

Just about every country in the world was represented in our school hall – from Kiribati to Kenya, Argentina to Austria and many more. Children were given the task of researching a country that they may have known nothing about and the results were amazing.

Visitors could enter a competition to guess eight countries from the boxes and children could decorate a cookie with a flag from one of the countries. Thank you to the guides for the day – the School Council were dressed as cabin crew and enjoyed welcoming the public in.

A wonderful display and a lovely way to finish our Equality Week. Enjoy the photos – how many countries can you spot?

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