Feb 282018

Year 5 had an Ancient Egyptian Day where they explored different aspects of this fascinating topic and had great fun dressing up! The children looked amazing in their costumes – many thanks to all parents who helped their children prepare for the day. Over the course of the day they had four activities:

  1. Exploring a tomb. The children had to crawl through a dark passageway with their torches to see what they could discover in the tomb at the end. They only had a few minutes in there to record what they could see before the poisonous gas sent them out again. There certainly saw some treasures!
  2. Making hummus. We think today that hummus is a middle eastern or Greek food but it actually originated in Ancient Egypt. Amazing to think we still eat it today! Here’s the recipe we used if you want to make some more at home.
  3. Using hieroglyphics to make their own name on a clay tablet.
  4. Mummify a tomato! Using a tomato, the children had to extract the insides and then mummify the rest of the tomato in Natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda). They now need to wait 70 days before they are unwrapped to see what has happened!

All in all a memorable day’s learning. Enjoy the photos:

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