Trip to Waterstones

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Jun 112018

18 of our pupils had a treat today buying books for the school library and classrooms. The 10 librarians were responsible for making sure our fiction stock up to date and a great job they did. There was also a representative from each class spending £75 each on books for their own classroom. The children were given a reading challenge a few weeks ago – if the entire school managed to read for 1000 hours in a single week each class was promised £50 to spend on books for their classroom and an extra £10 for every hour read after that. The challenge was met and today was the day the reward was spent for each class! 

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Swim Team Rushcliffe Champions

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May 232018

Well done to our swimming team who were the only team from Rushcliffe to qualify for the County Finals which were held on Monday. The team produced some amazing swims and finished in an excellent 10th place in the County. Well done to them all!

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Year 3 and 4 Boys Football

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May 182018

It was a pleasure to see our boys from Year 3 and 4 play against the boys from Carnarvon Primary School. The weather could not have been better for playing football and the boys treated the spectators to two great games, played in a wonderful spirit and enjoyed by all.

Both games were very close, our Year 3 boys won their game 1-0 and the Carnarvon boys won the Year 4 game 1-0. Honours even! The Year 4 game was particularly special as it was the inaugural game for the Bingham Interschool Alex Munn Cup. This cup was donated by Bingham Town, in memory of Alex, and will be presented to the winners of the Year 4 game between the two schools in Bingham every year from now on.

Our Year 3 team:

The Year 4 boys from RMJS and Carnarvon:

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Year 4 Viking Day

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May 102018

The Vikings were in town once again to give the Year 4 children a day full of learning and fun. The children came dressed appropriately for the day and looked wonderful if a little scary! They learnt about real Viking clothes, battles, ships and had a go at various Viking arts and crafts. A great day!

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Girls Football

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May 092018

A massive well done to the girls football team who played in this term’s Rushcliffe 7-a-side tournament. They were unbeaten in their group, winning two games and drawing two, which meant they won the group and progressed to the semi-finals. It was a close semi-final and it looked like going into extra time until West Bridgford Juniors, the eventually tournament winners, scored a late goal to win the game 1-0.

Excellent attitudes and team work meant it was a pleasure to watch these girls play!

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Year 3 Trip to Lincoln

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Apr 232018

Here are some photos form Year 3’s trip to the Collection Museum in Lincoln. They had a fun educational day investigating Ancient Greek artefacts and finding out what they tell us about life back then. They also had the chance to act out some Ancient Greek plays – the swords were especially popular!

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RotaKids at RMJS

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Apr 132018

We would like to introduce to you a new group in school that was founded during the last term – the RotaKids. We have been working with the Rotary Club of Vale of Belvoir who have supported the group as they have become established and they are now ready to begin planning their community work for the future.

The primary AIM of RotaKids is to provide young people aged 12 and under with the opportunities to participate enthusiastically in active citizenship to improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities. We aim to meet the following targets:

  1. Develop long term citizenship and leadership skills through identifying and taking responsibilities for real life problems within their school, local and global communities. There are RotaKids groups all across the world!
  2. Learn the importance of respect, dignity and caring for all people by working together to build friendships/teams and learning about the significant impact of their projects.
  3. Recognise the high achievement and effect of completed projects that improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities.

We feel that the aims of RotaKids supports our school ethos and values and we are very proud to have a group up and running at RMJS. The children have had several meetings already to get organised and begin to think about and plan ways to get involved or improve our local community. Children from across the school have been asked for ideas and the group’s first project is to organise a choir from school to sing in the community.

Our RotaKids group acts like a mini version of the main Rotary Groups – children have elected a President, A Secretary and Treasurer and they are learning really useful skills such as how to run meetings, take notes, organising finances and more. They are keen to listen to the ideas of all members of our school community and have set up suggestion boxes for the wonderful ideas children have.

We will bring more news as the group activities continue. Here is our RotaKids committee:

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Space to Earth Challenge Video

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Apr 032018

You may remember reading recently about our participation in the Triathlon Trust’s Space to Earth Challenge. They have added a great video to their YouTube page from the day. You can see what an enjoyable and active day it was!

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1,000 Hour Reading Challenge Results

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Apr 012018

The whole school were recently set a Reading Challenge by Mrs Melhuish, our English leader. The children had to read as much as they could for an entire week and if they managed to reach 1,000 hours in total then Mr Gilbey promised each class £50 to spend on new books for each classroom, and £10 per class for each 100 hours over! It was great to see how children responded – everyone read a bit more than usual, those who already read loads and those who were reminded just how wonderful it is to get lost in a book.

When the week finished, the totals were handed in from each child and class and the numbers crunched. The total was… wait for it… 1,254 hours and 5 minutes! This then means that each class has a grand total of £75 to refresh their classroom reading stock. Well done to everyone and thanks for all the support from home.

Finally – don’t stop reading! The challenge was a fun way to get children reading more and hopefully encourage more reading in future.

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