Rushcliffe Football Tournaments

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Sep 252017

Both the girls and boys football teams have been in action over the last two weekends in the Autumn Rushcliffe Tournaments. Both teams played really well, only just missing out on winning their respective groups.

A promising start to the season, well done.



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The Animals of Harry Potter

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Sep 182017

Year 5’s topic this term is Harry Potter which is a real inspiration for all sorts of writing and different areas of the curriculum. One of the writing tasks has been non-fiction writing and the children have been finding out lots of different information about owls. What better way to find out about owls than to meet some real life ones! This is what year 5 did today, meet two owls, even holding them. It wasn’t just owls we met, other animals from Harry Potter also arrived – a rather large snake and a bird eating spider as large as your hand.

A fascinating morning for year 5, enjoy the photos:

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Sorting Hat Assembly

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Sep 152017

Our school has four Houses – Saturn the blue House, Neptune the green House, Jupiter the red House and Mercury the red House. But how do the children get chose to go in each House? Read on to find out…

Every year about his time, our Magic Sorting Hat wakes up from his yearly slumber to talk to the new year 3s. How he knows so much about them is a mystery. One by one they get called to see him and when he has finished chatting, he tells each child which House they are going to be in for their four years at Robert Miles.

He awoke earlier this week and, as usual, he spent no time at all sorting all our new children. Thank you Magic Hat, you can go back to sleep again for another year…

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Year 4 Trip to Conkers

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Jul 242017

Better late than never – here are some great photos of Year 4’s trip to Conkers. You can tell how much fun they had!

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Spoken English Competition

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Jul 152017

This year’s Spoken English competition once again gave us a an entertaining afternoon. Ten children gave us a diverse collections of talks and the judges had a very difficult job of finding a winner. Aster much deliberation this year’s winner was a fascinating talk about Fibonacci numbers – it educated and entertained in equal portions and was a well deserved winner. Well done to all the ten children in the final who spoke so wonderfully.

This year’s winner:

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Librarians Shopping

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Jul 152017

Our school librarians have been wonderful this year and they treated to an end of year shopping trip to Waterstones to buy some new fiction books for next year. They were joined by the 4 winners of this year’s World Book Day competition. All the children were allowed to choose 6 books each – nothing is more highly prized than a book another pupil recommends and the new books will be in high demand in September.



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Drumming Concert

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Jul 152017

Pupils learning to drum in school with Rockley Music gave parents a treat with an end of year concert. The school was rocking for over an hour!

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Year 6 Enjoy a French Breakfast

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Jul 072017

Year 6 had a chance to practice their best French and in return received a slap up  breakfast! Croissants, baguettes and pains au chocolat were washed down with drinking chocolate – but only if the children welcomed, ordered and thanked in French. Tres bien!

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Athletics Team Finish in Silver Position

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Jul 052017

A big well done to our athletics team who finished in second place in this year’s Bingham and District Primary School Sports competition. The competition saw children compete in long jump, shot putt, javelin, sprints, distance and relays.  All the children in the team from both Robert Miles Juniors and Infants  performed at their very best and it was a pleasure to spent a sunny afternoon at the athletics track watching the event. We were pipped to first place by Carnarvon Primary – the smallest of margins once again!

Well done team – your efforts are appreciated!


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Science and Technology Grand Final

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Jul 042017

Three of our top teams from last week’s Science and Technology competition took their models to West Bridgford School to compete against other primary schools who had completed the same challenge in their own schools.

After an exciting afternoon’s racing our children were thrilled with the results with our teams finishing in 4th, 2nd and 1st position! The winners were very pleased indeed as their model disintegrated in the school competition and never got to the start line for our finals. They made up for that with three excellent runs in this Grand Final and the boys were very proud of their trophy.


Runners up:

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